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Exam stress | Information

Managing stress, sleep and wellbeing during exams

As exam season approaches, it's normal to feel stress and anxiety. When you feel pressure build, it is important to listen to those feelings.

Image of TikTok refresh your For You feed screen.
Information | Online pressures

Minding Your TikTok Feed

Here is what to do if you keep seeing content on your TikTok For You page that you don’t want to see.


LGBTQ+ Christmas Survival Guide

This time of year can be especially difficult for young LGBTQ+ people. Being mindful about how you spend your time can help get you through it.

Family | Friends

Managing Christmas

Christmas can be a season of hope and celebration. It can often feel overwhelming. Read some simple tips on how to get through this festive season.

supporting yourself through college banner

Supporting yourself through college

Learning to deal with difficult situations is part of breaking out and becoming your own person. Building resilience can be difficult but rewarding.

3 young women sitting at a table with books studying and discussing
College | Stress

Coping with college pressure

With exams and assignments looming and social commitments to keep up with, college can feel overwhelming. We have practical advice for you.

Exam stress | Information

Navigating Leaving Cert result stress

Waiting for results can be an anxious time. Read tips and advice from our experts and young people who have been there.

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Exam stress | Information

Managing your disappointment

Opening the results envelope can bring a mix of emotions. Check out our tips for managing exam disappointment.

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Exam stress | Information

Preparing for change

Sometimes we look forward to change, but it can still be hard to manage. Learn more how to deal with change in your life.