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Supporting yourself through college

Learning to deal with difficult situations is part of breaking out and becoming your own person. Building resilience can be difficult but rewarding.

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College | Stress

Coping with college pressure

With exams and assignments looming and social commitments to keep up with, college can feel overwhelming. We have practical advice for you.

Exam stress | Information

Navigating Leaving Cert result stress

Waiting for results can be an anxious time. Read tips and advice from our experts and young people who have been there.

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Exam stress | Information

Managing your disappointment

Opening the results envelope can bring a mix of emotions. Check out our tips for managing exam disappointment.

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Exam stress | Information

Preparing for change

Sometimes we look forward to change, but it can still be hard to manage. Learn more how to deal with change in your life.

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The importance of routines

Having healthy and structured routines is good for our mental health. Learn about how to plan a new schedule and how to stick to it.

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College | Information

Supporting your mental health as you start college

Adjusting to a more independent life outside of the school system can take time. Learn about the small steps that you can take to help yourself.

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Anxiety | Information | Perfectionism | Stress

Dealing with self-criticism

Too many of us are quietly, privately, hard on ourselves. Get tips from Jigsaw clinicians for dealing with self-criticism.

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Information | Loneliness | Sadness | Stress

Feeling down

We all feel down now and again. With strict lockdown restrictions in place, it's understandable to feel down at the moment.