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We provide vital supports to young people surrounding their mental health.

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Personal story: Living with cancer

A Jigsaw clinician from Galway had the opportunity to work with a young person who has developed a booklet to support teenagers who have received a ca...

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College | Covid-19 | Exam stress | Information | School

Getting used to self-guided study

Self-directed study is not something that comes naturally to many of us. It’s a skill that can take time and practice to develop.

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Information | Loneliness | Sadness | Videos

Loneliness and isolation

We are social creatures and need to feel we belong. Find out what you can do if you feel loneliness.

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Ask Jigsaw Q&A | Information

Ask Jigsaw: How can I deal with depressive thoughts?

How can I deal with depressive thoughts after a friends suicide?

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Asking for help | Information

Mental health apps

We are often asked which are the best mental health apps. Research and evidece is important part of our work, so we evaluated a list of popular apps.

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Anger | Asking for help | Information | Stress

How to deal with anger

Anger is a feeling we all experience. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry. It is our response to feeling anger that can cause problems for us.

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Answering sleep questions

Many young people who attend Jigsaw services report sleep difficulties. Here we look at the top questions we receive about sleep.

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Anxiety | Asking for help | Information | Stress

Managing anxiety

Anxiety is a sign something needs your attention. It could be telling you that you may be in danger or something is risky. Find out more.

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Anxiety | Exam stress | Information | Stress

Sleep and mental health

Regular, long stretches of undisturbed quality sleep is essential for our mental as well as physical health.