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We provide vital supports to young people surrounding their mental health.

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Stress | Videos | Worry

How to practice gratitude

Alan, Jigsaw clinician, talks about positive thinking, having a balanced perspective on life and how you can practice gratitude.

Anxiety | Videos

How do I recognise signs of anxiety

Josh and Jen discuss how you can recognise the signs and symptoms of anxiety.

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Asking for help | Exam stress | Information | School | Stress

Dealing with stress

What actually is stress? Is it always bad for you? Watch our Jigsaw Clinician explain ways to manage feelings of stress.

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Anxiety | Videos

How can I manage anxiety?

Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel member Josh, talks to Jigsaw Clinician Jen about ways to manage anxiety.

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Anxiety | Friends | Information | School

Problems at school

Problems at school are not unusual for many young people. Whether you are having problems with schoolwork, friends, or fitting in, you are not alone.

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Information | Loneliness | Sadness | Stress

Feeling down

We all feel down now and again. With strict lockdown restrictions in place, it's understandable to feel down at the moment. 

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Anxiety | Information | Perfectionism | Stress

Dealing with self-criticism

Too many of us are quietly, privately, hard on ourselves. Get tips from Jigsaw clinicians for dealing with self-criticism.

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Information | Loneliness | Sadness | Videos

Loneliness and isolation

We are social creatures and need to feel we belong. Find out what you can do if you feel loneliness.

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Information | School

Heading back to school

Here are some suggestions to make heading back to school this year as stress-free as possible.