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Dealing with conflict

Help a young person with their responses to anger and how to manage the consequences of their emotions using a visualisation activity and an animation.

Learning intentions

  • Differentiate between levels of anger using the emotional thermometer activity
  • Interpret the animation Dealing with anger
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Junior cycle

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Dealing with anger

an animation still of a boy in a kitchen about to fry an egg

This animation on anger was developed for Jigsaw by students in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin. It outlines ways to deal with anger.

Animation discussion

What physical symptoms, that are a result of anger, are named in the animation?
List 5 exercises that you can try to relieve anger.

For students
Close up of a pencil being pushed on paper and breaking

How to deal with anger

Anger is a feeling we all experience.
An icon of a paper and pen on a teal background

Ask Jigsaw: Guilty for feeling sad

I was just wondering is it normal to feel your feelings are not valid and unimportant?
Close up of someone on their computer researching

How to ask for help

Whether we are feeling run down, experiencing low mood, or are in crisis we all need to reach out for support sometimes.
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