Watch: Self-care for parents during Covid-19

Watch: Self-care for parents during Covid-19

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

While self-care has always been important, the current situation with Covid-19 creates many new challenges for parents.

The loss of usual routines, trying to support young people through the crisis, juggling many roles and spending long periods of time cooped up with the family. All of this, combined with understandable worry regarding the crisis means it is vital for parents to look after their own mental health.

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Finding the positives

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With so much uncertainty about the future and in the face of challenges, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the brighter sides of life. Try to keep things in the present and make the most of the here and now, as much as possible.

Look for the benefits to being at home. These could be more relaxed mornings, time to connect, to relax. Perhaps try new things with family members that create a positive and fun connection. For example watching a movie, playing board games, working on a family project.

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