Webinar: Helping young people manage disappointment

Webinar: Helping young people manage disappointment

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

We ran a webinar for parents about helping young people manage disappointment. In this recording, Maebh and Dan gave a short presentation. They then took questions from parents. The video above is a recording.

Managing disappointment

The restrictions issued to curb the spread of Covid-19 have led to a lot of larger and smaller events being cancelled. It also means schools and college will now not open again until the autumn. Cancellations and confirmations of such, have been delivered in stages, meaning each few weeks we have received new information.

Young people in their final year of primary or secondary school or college have lost out on the opportunity to see their classmates again within those structures. Holidays, festivals, summer jobs, weddings, exams (!) have been taken off the cards, bringing disappointment in different ways. Dealing with these unmet expectations can be a challenge, that we all could do with a bit of guidance around.

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