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Webinar: Self-care during winter months

Webinar: Self-care during winter months

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

We held the second instalment of a new series of webinars for parents on Monday, 9 November.

The theme of this webinar was self-care during winter months. You may notice when you are tired, stressed or feeling run down, this can have a knock-on impact on the dynamics and relationships in the household. This can then increase tensions and arguments. As a parent, paying attention to your own mental health and wellbeing is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

In this webinar, Jigsaw clinicians Conor and Olive gave a 20-minute presentation. This was followed by questions and answers from parents.

The areas covered are:

  • A look at some of the things that might deplete our wellbeing
  • How our body responds and how we may respond in ways that might not be helpful
  • Explore more helpful ways to respond
  • Practical things parents can do to look after their own self-care

You can view the full recording below.

Next webinar

The final instalment in this webinar series for parents will take place Monday 7 December. The theme for the final webinar is dealing with family conflict.

Conflict within families can be a big source of distress for young people who come to Jigsaw. Since March, there has been an increase in young people raising this as a concern.


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