Jigsaw annual report 2021

Jigsaw annual report 2021

Jigsaw impact report 2021

What we did for young peoples mental health…

Sam Kelly
Youth Advocate
Jigsaw has given me a great opportunity to support my friends and community, and given me a way to feel I’m doing my bit to help.

Why we exist

Jigsaw’s vision is for an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported.

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Our impact in numbers in 2021…

  • 35,453 appointments offered to young people across our Jigsaw services
  • 293,416 people visited jigsaw.ie, for information, advice, live chat and more
  • 14,985 participants took part in our workshops and training courses
  • 69 schools across Ireland completed One Good School™, our mental health initiative for post-primary schools

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Looking forwards to 2022 and beyond… Our priorities 2022-2025

Goal 1

Achieve better mental health outcomes for young people through… Services, Mental Health Promotion, Public Awareness and Advocacy.

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Goal 2

Build a high performing organisation fit for the future through… People, Technology, Funding, Evidence.

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How we manage our money


Was our total income

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