Colours Climb

Colours Climb

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This April and May, we want you to team up with your family, club, school, college, or workplace for our Colours Climb, backed by Gaelforce Events. It’s not just a fantastic group hike but also a crucial fundraiser for supporting youth mental health.

We know good relationships are important for our happiness and mental health. Gather your friends, put on your walking gear, wear your team, school, or club colours, and explore the Irish countryside while raising much-needed funds for Jigsaw.


Do your own hike!

Take on the Colours Climb challenge in your community. Keep it simple with a step challenge or a walk around the neighbourhood.

If you're feeling adventurous, take it on the road and hit the trails!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Colours Climb?


    This April, we’re asking you to come together with your club, school, college, or workplace and take on a walking or hiking challenge while rocking your favourite colour, uniform, or jersey.

  • When is the Colours Climb?


    Hike any date or time that you like, the choice is yours!

  • How much does the Colours Climb cost?


    The Colours Climb is free to register to do your own hike.

  • How does the Colours Climb work? 


    You can fill out a short registeration form on the idonate website (see link above on this page)

    • When registered, a personalised iDonate fundraising page will be created for you.  An email will shortly follow asking you to activate this page.  Simply follow the link in that email and you’re ready to go! 
    • Jigsaw will also send you a Colours Climb Pack in the post. Among other things, this pack will include our Fundraising Guidebook, full of tips and tricks for raising funds.
    • If you are taking on your own hike, then we suggest that you choose a local hiking trail.  This can be a nice hill or forest walk or you could simply head out to your local park for a walk.  Whatever suits you!
    • If you are joining us for the organised hike in Wicklow, then you will be contacted in advance with all the relevant details by email, so keep an eye on that inbox on the run-up to the event!
  • Where can I hike if I do my own thing? 


    • Ireland is full of amazing hiking trails suitable for all age groups and experience levels.  If you are new to hiking or unsure where to find the best fit, we suggest you visit DiscoverIreland.ie.
    • Discover Ireland have some fantastic advice and a whole range of options suitable for beginners, families, experienced hikers, hikes with the best scenery, hikes that start and end at a café, and a whole load more. 
  • What is in the Colours Climb Pack? 


    To assist you with your hiking/walking challenge, Jigsaw will send you a “Colours Climb Pack” containing several useful items:


    • Neck buff 
    • Welcome Letter 
    • Sponsorship card 
    • Pen 


    Where possible and while stocks last, we will send out one of the above items per participant.


    The pack will also contain a copy of our Fundraising Guidebook; jam-packed with useful tips and tricks for organising events and fundraising.  


    Upon registration, every participant will also receive a digital fundraising page, provided by iDonate. 

  • How will I raise funds for Jigsaw? 


    There are tons of ways to raise funds for Jigsaw. In each Colours Climb Pack, you will find a copy of our great Fundraising Guidebook.  This has all sorts of great tips and advice for fundraising.  


    Also in the pack, you’ll find sponsorship cards that can be used for some old-school fundraising.   


    And don’t forget that everyone who registers will get their very own online fundraising page on iDonate!   

  • Who can I contact with my questions?


    If you have any questions, contact Steven from Jigsaw on 01 472 7010, or email fundraising@jigsaw.ie