Disability Pride Month 2022

July is Disability Pride month. It’s an important time to celebrate individuality and to stress the importance of making our society more inclusive and accessible. 

We asked our Youth Advocates the question, “What does Disability Pride mean to you?”

Here are their answers:

Supporting your young person as they adjust to change

Moving from primary to secondary school, sitting state exams, starting college, peer and family relationships, and bodily changes, there is a huge amount of change in a young person’s life.

In this article, we will talk about

Mind your mental health as you adjust to Irish life

People leave their home countries for multiple reasons to live somewhere else. They may be forced to leave family members, homes, pets, jobs, careers, and their communities.

For some people, this is to seek a better life for themselves and their families. For others, the decision is forced due to war, civil unrest or poverty. The decision to move can be a very difficult one to make and sometimes has to be made very quickly.

As a parent or guardian, this can lead to carrying a lot of worry for your young person.

Your own mental health can be affected by moving somewhere else. While the reasons for moving differ, most people take time to settle into their new country.

One Good Manager

Jigsaw’s One Good Manager is an initiative which supports the mental health of young people in the workplace. 

We know from the My World Survey 2 that young people benefit greatly from having someone to be able to talk to. Having this person in their lives was linked to better overall mental health.

In this article we will learn: