Feeling down

We all feel down now and again. We can feel tired or listless or just ‘meh’ about everything. With the effects of the pandemic still around, it’s understandable to feel down at the moment. 

Feeling low or feeling down is not pleasant, but it is very common. In fact, it is one of the biggest reasons young people come to Jigsaw.

In this article, you will find:


Loneliness and isolation

We are social creatures and need to feel we belong.

Being lonely is like being hungry or thirsty. It’s our bodies telling us we’re not getting the basic human need of social interaction. We’ve had a strange few years, and physical interaction can still relatively difficult and unfamiliar to us.

To help during this time this article covers:

Ask Jigsaw: I’m self harming. What should I do?

I have recently started to cut my wrist and I’m not exactly sure why. I am an extremely shy person and could possibly have social anxiety. At first I thought it was a way of asking for help without actually talking to people but now that I have done it I am extremely scared of anyone finding out and am now terrified of what might happen. I don’t know what to do and need help. I am a very young person and shouldn’t even be considering on self harm. What should I do?


Hi Sarah,

Sometimes there’s no particular reason why people start to self-harm. It can quickly become a habit that’s difficult to break on your own.  

Ask Jigsaw: I feel like everyone hates me

I am always down and sad. I’m 13 and I’m a girl I feel like everyone hates me and I’m alone. I have a few friends but I’ve been sad because I lost my very close friends and it’s hurting. I feel like I have anxiety but I don’t know. I’m really a mess and I need someone to talk to. I’m crying a lot and sad. I feel like nobody understands thank you for taking ur time 


Hi Bb,

Feeling down can make us feel fed up, teary,  lonely and worried. It can also change how we view situations. We can think that people dislike us or that we aren’t good enough, even though these thoughts aren’t true. This can be exhausting and it’s important to mind yourself when feeling this way.

Ask Jigsaw: Are my feelings enough to get help?

I have been feeling low and my days seem to mesh together. I have been to a doctor and it wasn’t much help. I feel like my feelings aren’t severe enough for me to get help. 

However I’m really struggling and feel like life is extremely difficult to live. I would just like to know if it is normal to feel like I’m over exaggerating what I’m feeling, and if I’m invalidating others that have severe mental health issues  



We hear from a lot of young people who feel their difficulties aren’t significant enough to get support. “It could always be worse they tell themselves to try and push through. 

Ask Jigsaw: Guilty for feeling sad

when I feel a negative feeling like anger, sadness or loneliness. I always feel so guilty and overall stupid for having those feelings because I know that I have had a pretty okay life compared to those who in the world who have suffered from so much pain and hurt that they didn’t deserve.

But I was just wondering is it normal to feel your feelings are not valid and unimportant? I just think I have always had some sort of just a numbness in my heart that I’ve just gotten used to, so any different feeling to that numb feeling is followed by guilt. I am grateful that I’m here everyday though. Just its something I think about all the time and I had to ask. Thank You


Hi Chico093,

I can tell from your question that you are a very thoughtful, caring, self-aware person. Your question is actually something we hear a good bit at Jigsaw and something that many young people struggle with.

Ask Jigsaw: Frustrated and lonely

I feel very frustrated and lonely most of the time because i can’t express my problems to anyone i know. At school i only have one or two friends that im not that close to, and i cant tell my family either because ive tried to, but they dont understand me and it frustrates me.

Even if i had close friends, i wouldnt want to open up because in previous friendships it hasnt helped me (to open up) and they never understand anyway.

The problems are about being really anxious, feeling sad and disoriented very often and a lot of negative feelings. I feel lonely because its like im on my own and i cant turn to anyone for help


Ask Jigsaw: Life not the same since bereavement

Ever since my niece died my life hasn’t been the same, I’ve always been quiet lonely and now it’s even worse I feel useless all the time and my life is a chore. i realised one of the only reason I’m living was for her I don’t know what to do anymore


Hi Turtle,

I am so sorry for the loss of your niece. Grief is a really tough emotion and can take more time than we might realise to work through. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. You can read more about grief and loss here.