Mind Your Noggin Day with FM104

FM104’s Mind Your Noggin Day is taking place this Friday, 10 September, in aid of our work.

This year, there is another great line-up of acts and talent to remind the FM104 audience of the important work we do.

Presenters will be joined by Ella Henderson, The Script, The Wanted, Tom Grennan, Bressie and Joel Corry, among others. Social media stars will lend their support too.


2020 was a year like no other

Despite the challenges last year brought, because of you we were able to offer mental health support to thousands of young people across Ireland.

We could give families, teachers, and those who support young people the skills to be there for young people.

How to deal with anger

Anger is a feeling we all experience. It’s an emotional state that comes with thoughts and often physical feelings as well.

Anger can usually be summed up with the expression ‘that’s not fair’. It comes with a sense of injustice. Maybe you feel you or someone else has been treated unfairly. Anger can be a great motivator, prompting us to make changes and tackle inequalities.

The past year has been challenging for many, and can cause a lot of anger. We often feel angry when we have no control over things. We can feel stressed, or under a lot of pressure.

There is nothing wrong with feeling angry. It is our response to feeling anger that can cause problems for us.

Why we feel angry

Feeling angry often comes with physical sensations. Things like our heart beating faster, feeling hot or clenching our fists.

Anger can be difficult to express and manage. Particularly because a lot of us have been taught not to show it. We can be made feel guilty or ashamed about being angry, despite it being a necessary emotion.

This is unfair as well, and can further sustain feelings of anger. Until we learn how to manage it a different way, this keeps going in a circle.

We learn a lot about how to express emotions from our family. Think about the habits you may have picked up over the years. Do people close to you release anger in a healthy way?

Starting college in 2021

There’s a big emphasis placed on starting college. It’s a chance to make new friends, pursue your own interests, and increase your independence.

But as with many things in the last 18 months, that experience could be quite different now. The pandemic has changed a lot of ways of life, with one of the biggest impacts being on education.

Colleges are due to open for on-site education in the academic year 2021-2022. Though while some restrictions remain in place, college might still present challenges.

Getting used to self-guided study

Furthering your education or training after secondary school can also be a really exciting time.

This period of transition from being in the school system to becoming more independent can take some adjustment. Self-motivation is often needed to engage with this way of learning.

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Worrying about the future

The future and how we feel about it can make us feel overwhelmed. Either by the amount of choice, or lack of it.

Being worried about the future is not uncommon. Some people have a very clear map of what road they hope to take. Others are less certain.

Few could have predicted the pandemic and how that has affected our immediate future.

When thinking about the future, we may experience a range of emotions including confusion, frustration, anger or sadness.

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Difficult relationship with food

There are many things which can affect our relationship with food. As we get older, our tastes can change and our appetite can vary depending on our energy needs.

However, sometimes our relationship with food can become difficult or strained. We may start to feel self-conscious eating in front of others, begin to calorie count or restrict food.

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Why would someone restrict food?

There are many reasons for this. It can be a way to feel more in control when things around us feel outside of our control. It can be a way to cope with feelings of stress or anxiety.

Sometimes we can have difficulties with how we see ourselves, or don’t like how we look. This might make us try to change how we eat.

We may try to change our behaviour or our bodies, or attempt to ‘control’ our shape or our weight.