My Pride story

This is a personal story written for us by one of our young volunteers.

My name is Savannah. I am a Youth Advocate with Jigsaw Dublin City North.

Pride means that I am able to live my life with dignity, integrity, courage, joy, love and in community with others without fear of being ridiculed, shamed or discriminated against.

I feel so passionately about the importance of Pride, not only for myself, my fellow LGBTQIA+ community, but people all over Ireland.

Pride should be a celebrated and encouraged event nationwide and this is why I am so excited to be walking in Pride on the 25 June 2022 for the first time ever with Jigsaw.

My trans story

This is a personal story written for us by one of our young volunteers. 

One of the earliest memories I have is of an Irish dancing class in Junior Infants. I remember being bundled into the hall with all the girls and looking back at the boys left behind.

I think I might be transgender

Being transgender is when the gender you feel you are is different from the gender you were given at birth.

This also includes being non-binary which can mean not feeling like any gender, feeling both male and female, or feeling fluid in your gender in that you feel male and female at different times. It can also mean feeling partly or completely a different gender than either male or female.

Some people have a strong feeling of this from an early age and others aren’t aware until they are older.

Ask Jigsaw: I can’t figure out if I’m lesbian or bi

I don’t feel like myself anymore, like I’m stuck in a looking glass trying to break free. I can’t talk to anyone and I feel alone. I hate the fact that I know if I try to talk to anyone it will be around school the next day. I want to tell people who I really am that I don’t want to be in a perfect ken and barbie marriage when I’m older I just want barbie. The bad part is I can’t figure out if I’m lesbian or bi I’m so confused I feel like no one will accept me. I don’t know what to do and I need some advice?


Hi Silver123,

I know how lonely and isolating it can feel when we feel like we have no one to turn to. I am really glad you reached out for support today.

Ask Jigsaw: Do you help teens in the LGBT community?

Do u help teens in the lgbt community?

-Anonymous 17

Hello Anonymous 17,

Jigsaw supports young people from all communities, including those in the LGBT community. Some young people come to Jigsaw because they want to explore issues to do with their sexuality or gender. Other young people from the LGBT community want to come to Jigsaw for support that has nothing to do with this.

You can read more about accessing Jigsaw Services here.

Thanks for your question.

Justin, Jigsaw Clinician

Ask Jigsaw: Afraid to tell friends I’m bisexual

I am bisexual and I’m afraid to tell any of my friends because no one keeps secrets anymore. Also, I think I like two people of opposite sex at the same time. The boy I’ve been in love w for like three years but the girl makes me feel fluttery. Problem is that the girl is manipulative and lies but I get along w her really easily and she is also bi and she just makes me feel excited. Also she has kissed me before but she was drunk and I tried to push her away but she kept going so I let it happen and I kind of regretted it but I keep thinking about her and that night and I’m just really confused. But the boy is like my dream guy. Anon. 


Hi Anon,

It sounds like you are holding in a lot at the moment, thank you for sharing what is going on for you.

Coming out about your sexuality

Whether it’s your first time coming out, or your hundredth, it can be both a daunting and liberating time.

Coming out begins with coming out to ourselves. We need to allow time to explore and discover who we are physically, romantically and sexually attracted to. Here are some tips that can be helpful to remember.