Minding Your TikTok Feed

Is Your TikTok For You Page Showing You Bad Content?


We have all experienced it. You open up TikTok to relax after a hard day at school just to be met with a video that makes you feel down, you scroll away to try and find a video that makes you laugh or teaches you something new, but again you’re met with another piece of upsetting content.

Last week RTÉ primetime investigates covered a story about how your TikTok for you page works.

In the news story, RTÉ explained that people as young as 13 years old, were being shown damaging content online.

With the rise in harmful content online, it’s time that we learn how to protect ourselves from seeing harmful and damaging content online.

Here is what to do if you keep seeing content on your TikTok For You page that you don’t want to see.




Supporting yourself through college

The initial thrill of starting college may have worn off, you might feel stressed as coursework starts to build up. Other things, like keeping up with friends and dealing with money pressures can also make you feel stressed.

These feelings are normal. Learning to deal with difficult situations is all part of breaking out and becoming your own person.

Coping with college pressure

The college year is well and truly underway and the summer break is now but a distant memory. With exams looming and a list of assignments to get through, not to mention work and social commitments to keep up with, it might feel like the pressure is mounting.

Navigating Leaving Cert result stress

On Friday, 25 August, young people will be getting their Leaving Cert results.

The wait beforehand can be an anxious and stressful time for many. Here we share helpful tips and advice gathered from our team of mental health professionals and other young people who have been there.

Remember to give yourself credit

No matter how your results turn out, you deserve to celebrate your hard work. And remember, your exams do not define your worth.

Take your time

Moving forward is personal. Don’t rush. Give yourself space to figure things out. Check in with yourself now and again about how you are feeling. If you are worried or stressed sometimes, that is OK. It is normal to feel that way. But don’t be afraid to seek help if you feel you need it.