New horizons for April’s rolling gallery

It’s the start of a new month and with that comes the latest instalment of the rolling gallery. This month Jigsaw Dublin City volunteers collaborated with international artist David Uda, who generously gave his time and creativity to bring the piece to life. 

Every month, Jigsaw Dublin City volunteers have used the windows of the service to spread a message of positivity. Last month’s display paid tribute to all the awe inspiring women in our lives for International Women’s Day. In February, we were reminded that even when you’re down, there are people who love you and are looking out for you.

Personal story: Living with cancer

A young person who received a cancer diagnosis has developed a booklet to support teenagers who may be facing the same situation.

They were treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma when they were 15 years old which was a lonely and worrying time for them. Inspired by what they felt was a lack of educational materials available for young adults living with cancer, and they have created this resource drawing from their own experience.

My One Good Adult

In Jigsaw and UCD’s My World Survey in 2012, young people were asked if there was a special adult in their lives they could turn to when they were in need.

71% of young people had at least one adult they could talk to when they needed support. Here we asked Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel volunteers who their One Good Adult was. Who is your one good adult?

Watch: Realising it’s not just me

Lauren is a 20 year old health and social care student from Clondalkin.

When her anger and anxiety started to impact on her life Lauren decided to go to a Jigsaw service for support. However, she worried what people around her would think. Once she started telling her family and friends about her mental health, Lauren realised ‘it’s not just me’. We all need help and support at different times. Here, Lauren talks about her experience of going to Jigsaw.