I think I might be transgender

Being transgender is when the gender you feel you are is different from the gender you were given at birth.

This also includes being non-binary which can mean not feeling like any gender, feeling both male and female, or feeling fluid in your gender in that you feel male and female at different times. It can also mean feeling partly or completely a different gender than either male or female.

Some people have a strong feeling of this from an early age and others aren’t aware until they are older.

Feeling happy being single

Being single doesn’t seem like something to celebrate. Relationships are the focus of a lot of the popular culture we consume. 

It can also take a period of adjustment if we recently find ourselves single, through a break-up, or ending a relationship.

Our Instagram feeds are filled with snaps of ‘happy couples’ and #relationshipgoals. There’s a mountain of advice on how not to be single. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone in the world is in a relationship except you.

However, that’s not the case. According to the most recent Irish Census, 41% of people over 15 years-old are single. Yet still, we can feel the pressure to ‘couple up’ and this can be challenging.