Issues facing young people who are immigrants

It’s not easy being an immigrant in Ireland. Some people had never heard of Ireland before they moved here, others knew very little about it. Even what language was spoken.

It can be very difficult landing in a country when you don’t know much about it.

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Relaxation for mental health

How many times have you heard the words ‘just relax’. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

It can also be quite annoying to have someone telling you to relax, when there seems to be a lot on and out of your control.

But often, life can be so busy we forget to take a break and step back. It’s not unusual to have several things on our mind all at once.

Things like exams, family, friends, finances, and the future can feel overwhelming. Feeling stressed or tense can be a signal to take a break and have some downtime. Relaxation is important for our mental health.

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Worrying about the future

The future and how we feel about it can make us feel overwhelmed. Either by the amount of choice, or lack of it.

Being worried about the future is not uncommon. Some people have a very clear map of what road they hope to take. Others are less certain.

Few could have predicted the pandemic and how that has affected our immediate future.

When thinking about the future, we may experience a range of emotions including confusion, frustration, anger or sadness.

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Dealing with unemployment

Most of us expect that after being a student at school or college we will get a job and embark on a career.

Lots of young people work to help finance their studies. However, particularly in the current climate, many are finding it difficult to find a job or a career. When facing the uncertainty around employment it is vital to pay attention to our mental health.

Ask Jigsaw: I can’t figure out if I’m lesbian or bi

I don’t feel like myself anymore, like I’m stuck in a looking glass trying to break free. I can’t talk to anyone and I feel alone. I hate the fact that I know if I try to talk to anyone it will be around school the next day. I want to tell people who I really am that I don’t want to be in a perfect ken and barbie marriage when I’m older I just want barbie. The bad part is I can’t figure out if I’m lesbian or bi I’m so confused I feel like no one will accept me. I don’t know what to do and I need some advice?


Hi Silver123,

I know how lonely and isolating it can feel when we feel like we have no one to turn to. I am really glad you reached out for support today.

Ask Jigsaw: How do I know if I have a mental disorder?

How do I know if I have actually have mental disorder? I don’t know what is real and what is not. Is it anxiety or am I just oversensitive about everything? Do I have depression even though I don’t have all the symptoms? How is a diagnosis given?


Hi there,

It’s healthy to feel a wide range of emotions in response to things that happen in your life. For example, you might feel sad after a bereavement, or anxious during exams. This does not mean that you have a problem with your mental health.

Patience in a time of uncertainty

When life throws curve balls, we may find ourselves becoming impatient, wanting life to return to the way it was. We might want things to progress more quickly, or at least know what’s going to happen next.

There are times when our lives can take unexpected turns.

You or a family member may lose your job, illness might challenge your expectations of yourself or something you were looking forward to doesn’t work out the way you anticipated.

Unusual circumstances can cause feelings of impatience and stress to increase. You may find yourself overthinking things, feeling easily irritated by others, or less like yourself. Everyday problems can seem harder to solve.