Jigsaw Christmas jumper day

This Christmas, get together with your colleagues, friends or family to wear your Jumpers for Jigsaw. Because loneliness doesn’t take a holiday, not even at Christmas.

For many young people, this time of year can be a time of loneliness, sadness, and isolation. When we feel lonely, we don’t just feel down. Loneliness is the silent wrecker of mental and physical wellbeing.

We at Jigsaw want to be there for young people who are facing these challenges in silence. Every contribution helps us remind them that they’re not alone. That there is hope.

Supporting yourself through college

The initial thrill of starting college may have worn off, you might feel stressed as coursework starts to build up. Other things, like keeping up with friends and dealing with money pressures can also make you feel stressed.

These feelings are normal. Learning to deal with difficult situations is all part of breaking out and becoming your own person.

Coping with college pressure

The college year is well and truly underway and the summer break is now but a distant memory. With exams looming and a list of assignments to get through, not to mention work and social commitments to keep up with, it might feel like the pressure is mounting.