Ask Jigsaw: Anxious and nervous at school

I want to know why i can’t bring myself to want to go to school. i am a very social person at times and i don’t have any problems besides the few subjects but everyone has that problem. i feel very unmotivated, uncomfortable, anxious and extremely nervous at school. i was just brought home from school due to the fact i got sick because of the nervousness and anxiety. I want to be able to enjoy school but i don’t know how

-emily k

Hi emily k,

You are not on your own with this. We have heard from many young people who have started to experience anxiety as they start back to things like school and socialising. It’s great that you want to get back to enjoying school, and are looking for ways to do that.

Basketball Ireland announce partnership with Jigsaw

We are delighted to be announced today as a charity partner with Basketball Ireland. As part of the partnership, Basketball Ireland will be making a donation, as well as aiding fundraising.

A series of initiatives are planned over the coming year as part of the collaboration, to help players, coaches, schools, clubs and international sides. Basketball Ireland are in conversations with a charity partner in Northern Ireland and more information on this will be disclosed in due course.


Ask Jigsaw: Covid ruins everything

I keep wanting to go on holidays but when COVID struck it ruins everything and I really miss traveling and really just want to have sleep overs with my friends but because of that darn COVID I can’t I’m oisin and I’m 12 years old and I have adhd


Hi Oisin,

Thank you for being honest about how you are feeling. Without a doubt, the current situation is really tough. It has put limits on many things that we used to take for granted.

Ask Jigsaw: Where to start when unemployed

I have been unemployed due to COVID since March and have no idea where to start over again as I have no college degree but beforehand had a really amazing job in the business industry. I don’t think I will ever get one like it again. Im stuck in bed all day not knowing where to go or what to do.


Hi neswilla,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost your job due to Covid. There are lots of young people in a similar position at the moment, so your question will help others too.

Ask Jigsaw: Stress of college from home

Hi Jigsaw, 

I have just found out that all of my college lectures will be online. As a result, I will not be moving out. I’m very stressed and upset about this. I feel living with my family has resulted in the deterioration of my mental health. I can’t talk to my parents about it, as they are the source of this stress. Also I will very rarely see my friends. Any recommendations on managing this?


Hi Disa22,  

College life will be very different this year. We’ve heard from many young people who are feeling disappointment, stress, and anger because they are missing out on experiences that everyone else took for granted.   

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t phone for support

Hi, I am a college student, and think that I may suffer from anxiety, and have thought this for a few years. In recent months I think it has worsened. Is there any way to contact jigsaw without talking on the phone/over video call (E.g email/messaging) as I do not have enough privacy in the house to do so.


Hi there,

We are hearing from many young people who have found that anxiety has increased over the past few months, so you are not on your own. With so many people now going to college from their home we are aware that privacy can be an issue.


Ask Jigsaw: Mother comments on weight

I lost all my confidence due to the mean comments my mother makes about my weight. Is there any way I can make her stop making those comments? I know I have to lose some weight but she makes comments all the time. I have told her numerous times to stop but she won’t.


Hi Una,

It’s not surprising that we absorb the comments that our parents make about us. If our parents make positive remarks, we tend to feel more confident, but if they are negative it can make us doubt our self-worth. I’m sorry that you have had to experience negative remarks from your mother about your body image.

Ask Jigsaw: Won’t get into course

Hi,  today we received our calculated grades and unfortunately I think I won’t be getting into the course that I wanted to. So College might be out of the options. I live with my parents. I’m 18 and I don’t know the first thing about getting a job nor’ what it is that I would like. I don’t think I can just jump into something that I’ll end up hating everyday. I don’t have anywhere to share my thoughts and I don’t want to rely on my parents, because it’s my own life I want to get started. It takes a lot more time, doesn’t it?



Hi TryAndBeKind,

I am sorry to hear that you didn’t get the grades that you wanted. It sounds like you are both disappointed and confused about your next steps, which is understandable.

Ask Jigsaw: Self-harming and feeling trapped

hi if you are self harming and your mam knows you have a history of it, is it ok for her to tell you to kill yourself and hit you even if it was a couple of times. everything is ok now but im not allowed leave the house because i’m grounded for drinking but she thinks i don’t have a phone and i feel trapped and i have started self harming again and having panick attacks.

Hi Tasha05xo,

It sounds like things are really difficult for you at the moment. Thank you for reaching out to us.