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Mental health apps

The App Store or Google Play host thousands of apps claiming to help people with their mental health.

With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start, or which to trust.

What are the best mental health apps?

At Jigsaw, we are often asked which are the best apps for anxiety, or what ones we would recommend. Research and evidence are important parts of our work so we can really stand behind what we say.

To ensure we recommend safe apps to use, we embarked on a review project with funding from ESB Energy for Generations,. The aim was to identify apps that might be helpful to young people in managing their mental health.

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Supporting wellbeing in schools course

Jigsaw has developed an interactive eLearning course on youth mental health for school staff. 

The course Promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools is informed by emerging research, national and international policy, and best practice on promotion in schools. It has been developed in collaboration with young people, school leaders, and school staff.

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Cuid 1: Mheabhairshláinte agus folláine a fhiosrú

I Jigsaw, tá dearcadh luath-idirghabhála agus coiscthe againn mar a bhaineann leis an meabhairshláinte agus leis an bhfolláine.

Tugann an chuid seo den fhearas deis duit an sainmhíniú atá ar mheabhairshláinte agus ar fholláine a fhiosrú le do rang, chun léargas a fháil ar an tuiscint atá ag na daltaí orthu. Tabharfaidh sé an deis freisin do dhaoine óga príomhtheachtaireachtaí Jigsaw maidir le meabhairshláinte agus folláine a chloisteáil.

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Section 1: Exploring mental health and wellbeing

In Jigsaw, we view mental health and wellbeing from an early intervention and prevention perspective.

This section of the toolkit gives you the opportunity to explore the definition of mental health and wellbeing with your class, gaining an insight into what it means for them. It will also give young people the space to hear Jigsaw’s key messages on mental health and wellbeing.

Section 1 sets the scene for the following sections. These include exploring supports and challenges to our mental health and wellbeing and also taking a deeper look at mental health and wellbeing in your school.

head drawn on a chalkboard with postits saying afraid and happy