Ask Jigsaw: Feeling empty and worthless

what do you do when you just feel so sad to a point that you can’t even cry anymore. you just feel so empty and worthless and it’s the middle of the night so you can’t talk to anyone about it. and even if u did try to talk to someone they wouldn’t fully understand how your feeling so it would b hard to tell them.

-rosie7765 ( )

Hi Rosie,

It sounds like things are very difficult for you at the moment. Everybody experiences sadness in different ways. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we can feel a bit numb. That might be a reason that you feel you can’t cry anymore.


Ask Jigsaw: Thinking about ending it

I thinking about ending it all. i have tried talking to my Guardians about being sad but they didn’t care so i just feel alone


Hi Max,

First of all, well done for reaching out to talk to your guardians about how you feel. That was a brave and positive thing to do.  I am so sorry that they weren’t able to understand how sad you are feeling.

Supporting mental health while social distancing

Social distancing measures we need to take to prevent the spread of Coronavirus will no doubt have an impact on our mental health.

Our clinical team in Limerick are staying in touch through Zoom for team meetings. Here they discuss what in particular they are finding difficult, but also how they are looking after their own mental health and what you can do too.

Ask Jigsaw: Hate living but don’t want to die

I smoke a lot of weed to take away the feeling of life. I hate living but don’t want to die how can I change this?


Thank you for your honesty in this question. It sounds like you feel very stuck and unhappy with the way things are for you at the moment. It is not unusual when people feel like this that they use substances such as drugs or alcohol to try to take away or numb the feelings. Although it can seem that this helps in the short term, often it adds to the overall problem, as cannabis can have a depressant effect. It can decrease our motivation to make changes that are needed. If you want support specifically around reducing your weed intake, you can find information and a list of services at http://www.drugs.ie/

Ask Jigsaw: Pain of losing a friend

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’m in 3rd year. Last year I told my best friend whenever I felt suicidal. My parents said that I’d leaned too heavily on my best friend that she couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t allowed to speak to her anymore, I never actually got to speak to her after that. She started telling people why we weren’t friends anymore.

 I had a horrendous year trying to make new friends. I fell out with some and kept others. Now I have a group of friends who I love. But it doesn’t feel the same. I’m still going thro the pain of loosing her. Is there anything anyone can do to help? I just need advice. I want to talk to her one last time. To get closer. Please help if you can!

–Anonymous *Please note his question has been edited in length from the original submission

Hi there,

It can be really difficult when we fall out with a close friend, particularly if we feel that there have been misunderstandings or things that have been left unsaid. Within every situation that results in friends falling out, there are at least two perspectives on what has happened. Naturally, we tend to focus on our own perspective.  The pain of losing a friend and how it felt for us. We try to make sense of what happened in a way that fits with our own narrative.

It can be difficult to do, but if we can suspend our own version of events and try and view it from the other person’s perspective, without trying to argue our side it can help to give us a bit of insight into why they may be behaving in the way that they are. Understanding can help, even if we don’t agree with or condone it.

Ask Jigsaw: Would people remember me?

Do you think if i killed myself people would remember me because i feel like I’m not the kinda person to be dwelled, School is getting harder and harder and sometimes it feels like i cant breathe with the persure being put on me, Sorry for bothering you with my problems feel free to ignore x


Hi Emma,

Thank you for getting in touch and talking about these difficult feelings. It sounds like things are really tough for you at the moment.

I would urge you to get support, and there are a number of options. First of all, think if there is an adult in your life who you could talk to about these feelings. It could be a family member, teacher or any one you trust. If it’s hard to say things out loud, you could show them this message and let them know that it is you.

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t tell anyone, really unhappy

I feel like nothing really makes me properly happy anymore. I’m always tired and I don’t feel enthusiastic about the things I used to. I know I should probably talk to someone or something but I feel like that might turn it into a big deal and that would make me feel worse. I don’t know if it’s just because of exam stress (I’m doing my JC this year) or because I don’t really sleep but I’ve felt like this for quite a long time and I feel like it would make people act awkward around me if I told someone. I hoped it would go away sooner but it hasn’t and I’m not sure what I should do.


Ask Jigsaw: Never had a close relationship


I’m 24 and my main problem is I’m very aware of the fact that I have never been in a close relationship with a girl in my life and I feel like I’m a real outlier in this regard. I’m very worried that I will never find someone and will always be alone. I became close to a few girls in college but they all rejected me just when I felt like things may be getting serious.

I still have strong feelings for one particular girl but am resigned to the fact that this will always be unrequited. I question myself daily as to why I was not good enough for this girl and this had led to me feeling very low at times. This has been going on for a number of years and I feel like my self-esteem has really taken a battering as a result.

During this time I have watched as nearly all the members of my close friend group have managed to find themselves in long-term relationships. I find it very hard to forgive myself for messing up my chances at relationships during college. I wonder a lot about “what might have been”. Would appreciate any words you would have to say about all this. Thank you.


Hi there 1995,

It makes sense that you feel you’re missing out by not having close relationships in the past. Through social media, tv and films we often get the message that in order to feel fulfilled and happy, we need to be in a romantic relationship. This is certainly not true.

Connections with friends, family, even pets and nature can be just as (and sometimes more!) fulfilling. You can read more about being single and feeling happy here.