Ask Jigsaw: I need help again

I suffer very badly with anxiety and went to CAMHS for years as a child. I started college last year and found the change extremely tough and found that my anxiety had come back nearly worse then ever but I just used what I had learned when I was younger and tried to help myself the best I could, but since Covid and the whole lifestyle change I’ve found everything extremely overwhelming and feel I need help again and don’t know how to go about it ?!?

-The Happy Anxious 

Hi The Happy Anxious,

The transition from school to college is difficult for lots of young people. It’s a time of great change and the beginning of new challenges, so it’s understandable that you felt anxious around this time. It sounds like the impact of the pandemic has made coping with anxiety a lot tougher. It’s good to seek support when we’re feeling overwhelmed, so thanks for reaching out.

Take to your bike for Revolution x Jigsaw

We are asking people all over Ireland to take to their bikes for Revolution x Jigsaw to ride a collective total of 100,000km and raise €100,000 to support young people’s mental health.

Wherever you are, whatever your age, whether you are a cycling pro or just taking off your stabilisers, sign up now at revolutionxjigsaw.ie to help Jigsaw reach the target by Saturday, 10 October, World Mental Health Day.

Ask Jigsaw: Is Jigsaw right for me?

I was referred to Jigsaw lately but I’m worried my problem isnt big enough for the need of the 1:1 sessions. I dont feel the way I do all the time, so I dont really know if it’s for me?

I like the sound of it though, but at the same time I havent told anyone the full story of my mental health. I know my one of my parents have to be there first session initially, but do I have to speak about how I’m feeling with them there and how does that work with the video support? I just think they would worry a lot about it considering I’ve been hiding how I’m feeling for the past while.
Thank you!


Hi Orla,

Thank you for your question. It’s one that a lot of young people wonder about, so it will help others thinking about accessing Jigsaw too.

Ask Jigsaw: Is pinching self-harm?

does pinching myself count as self harm?


Hi kitkat15,

Self-harm is when someone deliberately hurts or damages their body. It can take many forms and could include pinching yourself. Often the person engaging in self-harm is feeling a lot of powerful feelings that they’re not sure how to deal with.

If this is the case for you, I just want to tell you that you’re not alone. However, there are other ways to manage those difficult feelings.


Ask Jigsaw: Feeling empty and worthless

what do you do when you just feel so sad to a point that you can’t even cry anymore. you just feel so empty and worthless and it’s the middle of the night so you can’t talk to anyone about it. and even if u did try to talk to someone they wouldn’t fully understand how your feeling so it would b hard to tell them.

-rosie7765 ( )

Hi Rosie,

It sounds like things are very difficult for you at the moment. Everybody experiences sadness in different ways. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we can feel a bit numb. That might be a reason that you feel you can’t cry anymore.


Ask Jigsaw: I feel like I may have ADHD

I have always had trouble concentrating in general, but no one noticed because i was quiet. I feel like I may have ADHD as I strongly relate to most of the behaviors. How do I subtly tell my parents and try to get help.


Hi JJ,

It sounds like understanding your concentration difficulties is really important to you JJ. It’s great that you’re being proactive in finding out more, despite other’s not noticing the reality of your experience.

Ask Jigsaw: Thinking about ending it

I thinking about ending it all. i have tried talking to my Guardians about being sad but they didn’t care so i just feel alone


Hi Max,

First of all, well done for reaching out to talk to your guardians about how you feel. That was a brave and positive thing to do.  I am so sorry that they weren’t able to understand how sad you are feeling.

Ask Jigsaw: Constantly feeling anxious

Constantly feeling anxious in busy areas , school becoming a problem I can’t go to canteen by myself I have to meet friends first , a constant anxious feeling over me . 

– Layla104xx 

Hi Layla104xx,  

Feeling constantly anxious is exhausting. The physical sensations and spiraling thoughts, that often accompany anxiety, can be so strong that we avoid everyday things like school, or social events.   

Ask Jigsaw: Friend wants to self-harm

My best friend who is 14 wants to harm herself and I’m able to talk her out of it a lot but I’m afraid if someday I’m not there to help or give her the advice she needs or something like that.

I could really use some help here I’ve already recommended this website for her. I really need help with what to do for her because I am worrying a lot because of this. Please contact me for advice I should give to her. Thanks



Coping with parental separation

Parental separation is one of the many challenges that young people can experience during their life.

We might experience our parents separating during childhood, adolescence or in early adulthood. Regardless of when it happens, parental separation can bring up many difficult feelings and every person will experience it differently.

You may experience some of the following:

  • Sadness. When circumstances change in our parent’s relationship, this can lead to feelings of sadness. When we feel sad, we might notice a change in our mood, and we may not enjoy the things we usually get joy from.
  • Confusion. We may feel confused about what is happening in our family. We may feel like we are stuck in the middle of things at times or uncertain about what will happen in our future.
  • Guilt. At times we may feel guilty about the feelings we experience and thoughts we have about the separation.
  • Relief. We might feel a sense of relief when our parents come to an agreement about what will happen next.
  • Anger. We could feel angry about what is happening in our family and how things have changed.
  • Blame.  Sometimes when we are trying to understand what is happening, we may blame ourselves or others.
  • Loss. We may feel loss for how our family has changed.

Remember that parents choose to separate for many different reasons that are to do with their relationship. It is not your fault.